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Laptops Basics

Solution Where are my files and folders located?
In School

• Your work will by default be saved to your My Documents folder on the school’s C2k network.

Outside school

• Your My Documents now points to a folder (Local My Documents) on the laptop as opposed to on your C2k network. This folder can be accessed via the Start>All Programs>Laptops>Local My Documents (see the first page of this information sheet to find out how to put this shortcut onto the desktop). It is recommended that this folder be used only for temporary storage as the files are not backed up and will be lost if the laptop is rebuilt. Other storage alternatives are

o A USB Pen

o Your My Documents on the school’s C2k network via the Internet. (refer to Accessing Files and Folders from outside school (Information Sheet A029))

Wireless Basics

Schools have been provided with one ore more Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to provide a mobile resource for connecting wirelessly to the C2k networks in schools.

The laptop will connect automatically to the WAP when it is turned on. Provided that Wireless communication is active on your Laptop. It may be activated using the small switch on the Left hand side of the Laptop. It is recommended that the laptop is not moved when in use as it may lose the wireless signal. Should the laptop be moved out of range of a WAP it will reconnect automatically on coming back into range. Please note that it may take up to 90 seconds for a laptop to re-connect

Signal strength
Singal strength will vary from school to school, and within a school from room to room. Environmental factors within a school (eg electrical installations, building materials, books and stationery) can all impact the coverage provided by the WAP. In some cases the signal may extend over two or three classrooms, in other settings the signal may cover no more than the room in which the WAP is located. Finding the best location for the WAPs therefore, may well require a degree of trial and error.

How do I select a printer?
Inside school:

• When you log on with the laptop you will first be asked to select the laptop’s location via the Location Chooser – the laptop will then have access to the printers which have been set up for the chosen location.

Outside school:

• You can install your own printer by following the supplier’s instructions. Once the printer has been properly installed and connected it should be detected automatically when you log on to the laptop.

How do I log on to a managed service laptop outside school?
A user must log on to a managed service laptop at least once on the C2k network before using it outside school. Once this has been done a user will be able to log on to the laptop outside school.

How do I access the Internet outside school?
To access the Internet from home, you will need to use an appropriate Internet Service Provider, who will provide an installation disk. Follow the instructions for use of this installation disk but do not accept updates to your Browser or Firewall. Once this connection is set up, it will be available in the future when you take the laptop away from the school’s C2k network. Please note that you may have to re-install this service if the laptop is rebuilt following a fault reported to the C2k Helpdesk.
To access the Internet:

• Click Start

• Click All Programs

• Click Laptops

• Click Outside School Access

• Click Set Network to receive the following confirmation message:

• Start your Internet service

• Open Internet Explorer

You will now have the following home page which gives you access to C2k services.

How do I access C2k services: email, LearningNI, C2k Exchange outside school?
The laptop will automatically be redirected to the C2k services page ( when you set up the laptop for outside school use and connect using your own Internet Services Provider.

• Select the service you require and log in using your C2k Username and Password
• Access your school files and folders by choosing Post Primary and Special School Access

How do I protect the laptop against viruses outside school?
The laptop will automatically update antivirus definitions both in school and outside school when connected to the Internet.
If the antivirus definitions are not updated within 14 days, the antivirus icon in the bottom right of the screen will turn red and a pop-up balloon will be displayed to advise you of this.
Please connect the laptop to the C2k network in school or to the internet outside school as soon as possible.

How do I keep the laptop safe?
The laptop remains the property of C2k, and personal labels should not be put on any part of the laptop.
In particular you should:

• Keep your C2k Username and Password secure and do not reveal them to anyone

• Shut down your laptop properly

• If you are leaving your laptop for a few moments, be sure to lock your system. You can do this by pressing CTL+ALT+DEL and click Log Off icon. To unlock your system, press CTL+ALT+DEL and enter your network Password.

• Install only licensed software from trustworthy sources

• Maintain the existing Windows and Internet Explorer setup i.e. do not run Microsoft updates from the Internet

• Protect your laptop when on the Internet – Windows firewall is on for your protection

• Protect against theft when away from school

How do I get help?
Go to C2k Exchange

• Use the C2k Services tab Documents section to find Information Sheets

o S021 – Accessing Files and Folders from home

o A053 – Installing Local Applications

o A071 – Guidelines for use of a managed service laptop

o QC02 – Quick Checks:Laptop wireless connections

o QC03 – Quick Checks: Wireless range

o QC05 – Quick Checks: Outside school internet access

• Use the Search facility to help you locate what you need

• Use the Troubleshooting Checklist at the end of this document (before asking your C2k Manager in school)

Troubleshooting Checklist:

How do I find files which I saved when away from school?
It is likely that files will be located in your Local My Documents. Go to Start>All Programs>Laptops>Local My Documents (or to the shortcut on the desktop if you have created one)
An alternative is to use the Start, Search facility to look for a specific file or all files changed between certain dates on the C: drive.

Laptop using the power cable: No Power / Blank Screen
When you press the power button does the laptop switch on?

• Check that the power cable is connected to the back of the laptop and plugged into a power point.

• Is power at the wall switched on?

• Check that the power lead sections are plugged into the charger

• Disconnect and reconnect the power cable into the back of the laptop.
When the laptop is switched on the power light on the laptop is displayed.

• Laptop power light is on but Screen is Blank : Press Fn + F8 to toggle screen output to the LCD Screen.

Laptop: No Network Connection
Is the laptop’s network cable properly connected?

• Disconnect and reconnect the network cable from the network port at the back of the laptop and the datapoint on the wall.

• If the laptop is correctly connected to the network, a light should show on the back of the laptop next to the network cable.

Is the laptop connected to an active/live datapoint?

• Test that the datapoint is live by connecting a network printer or desktop into the datapoint. If the equipment does not work then the datapoint may not be active/live or the port could be faulty. Contact your C2k Manager in school for advice.

Laptop: Logging on issues
If you are having trouble logging into the laptop make sure “Caps Lock” is turned off
An application has frozen – How do I shut the application down?
Press Ctrl Alt and Delete to activate Task Manager Window.
Select application to be closed and press End Task
Please be aware that using this function WILL NOT SAVE your work. It will just shut down the application.
The laptop has completely frozen up – how do I switch it off?
If your laptop freezes, you can force the laptop to switch off by pressing and holding the power off switch until the laptop goes off (normally about 10 seconds).

Outside School Access
I am unable to log on to the laptop at home:
Have you logged on, at least once, to the laptop while connected to the school network?
Have you set up the laptop for outside school use?

• Start>all programs>laptops>outside school access>

• Select Outside School and Click OK

I am unable to connect to the Internet from home:
Have you set up the laptop with your own Internet Service Provider? Note: Only teachers or C2k managers have permission to install local software

• Set up the teacher’s laptop for outside school use

• 1Install your our Internet Service Provider and/or start your internet service

• Open Internet Explorer

1If you are having issues setting up your home internet access contact your Service Provider (e.g. BT, NTL etc)

Laptops_Basics.doc Laptops_Basics.doc

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