Research is key to exploring your options and identifying the pros and cons of different careers.  It is important when considering a career, to think about a range of issues and not just job satisfaction and salary.  If you consider only these criteria you are not making an informed choice.  If you use the criteria below this will provide you with a bigger picture and help you identify the career best for you.

Job Satisfaction
Will I enjoy the job?
How much will I earn?
Is it realistic for me to gain the qualification needed?
Labour Market Information
The likelihood of getting a job in this area: would I need to move away?  Would I need to work freelance.
Skills & Qualities
For example, if I want to work as a hospital doctor do I like working with people? (an essential part of the job)
Working Conditions
Working shifts, bank holidays or other social occasions.
Chances of promotion or other benefits.


From using the above criteria you may find that you may have to do a ‘trade off ’. So for example if you wanted to be a hospital doctor you might enjoy the job and earn a considerable salary but this could come at the expense of the hours you work. If you feel that having your own time is important to you, then this career might not be the most suitable. The approach above will help you take a broader view of the careers you are considering and therefore help you to make a more informed decision. 

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