The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service for the UK provides an on-line application portal, along with a number of search tools and free information and advice on how to make a good application.  Please remember not all higher education institutions are in the UCAS system e.g. St Mary’s University College operates its own application system, so please make yourself aware of all application procedures.

Click here for advice on personal statements

Course tutors use personal statements to compare different applicants.  It is where you should describe your ambitions, skills and experiences, which make you suitable for a particular course.

Click here for advice on UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is a way of applying to additional universities or different subjects, but only if you have used all 5 choices and you have had all unsuccessful offer, or you have cancelled your outstanding choices and hold no offers or your received decisions from all 5 choices and have declined all offers made to you.

If you have not used up all 5 of your choices, the Extra listings are a useful resource in identifying possibilities, but you add your choices to Track in the normal way and you are not a UCAS Extra Applicant.

Click here for advice on UCAS Clearing

Is a way of matching universities without students to students without universities.  Clearing starts on 1st July and continues until 22nd October.

Not Going to University – Considering employment / apprenticeships / higher apprenticeships

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