Increasingly, employers and higher education course tutors are using work experience as part of the selection process.  Work experience can be helpful to you and enhance your CV.  On application forms it can give you an answer when asked for examples of when you have demonstrated leadership skills or worked in a team.  In this way the skills and knowledge you have picked up through work experience make you more competitive.

Forms of Work Experience 

  • traditional work experience placements

  • course related placements

  • voluntary vacation work

  • part-time work

  • seasonal or casual work

  • student development activities such as mentoring / sports

  • work shadowing

  • overseas travel

  • specialist career seminars

  • up-to-date knowledge of career area – courses/developments/news items.

    Don’t be confused by the different forms of work experience.  They all lead to the same outcome, your chance to develop vital skills and knowledge that will allow you to make informed decisions about your career and impress potential employers / course tutors.

Click here for Future Learn

Future Learn is a massive open online course (MOOC) learning platform.  It has 54 university partners in the UK and from other parts of the world.  The courses are free and cover the following categories;  Business Management,  Creative Arts & Media,  Health & Psychology,  History,  Language and Cultures,  Law,  Literature,  Nature and Environment,  Online & Digital,  Politics & The Modern World,  Science, Maths & Technology,  Sport & Leisure,  Teaching & Studying.

Click here for Coursera  

Offers massive open online courses(MOOCS).  It works with mostly top universities  and organisations in the USA to make some of their courses available on-line and offers courses in many subjects.  Currently some of the courses are for free.

Click here for Code Academy

Learn to code interactively for free.  This site is open to anyone who wants to learn how to code and create computer programmes.  A very useful transferrable skill.

Click here for Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is an on-line educational organization which produces short lectures and practice exercises on a diverse range of subjects, such as Maths, Science, Economics & Finance, Arts & Humanities, Computing and Test Preparation for university aptitude tests.  All of these resources are free. 

Click here for Nuffield Foundation  

Is a charitable trust which promotes the sciences and each summer it offers research placements for A Level students in STEM subjects.  Students get the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.  The placements are in universities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and research institutions.  Applications must be made on-line

Click here for Sutton Trust

 This is an educational charity which aims to break the link between educational opportunities and family backgrounds.  They operate a UK Summer School in 11 of the most selective universities in the UK.  Students apply between 8th January and 11th March.

Click here for Smallpiecetrust  

Is a charity which provides short residential courses in science, technology and engineering subjects to Year 10 – 13 students and promotes careers in engineering.  They offer summer schools which you pay for and you are advised to apply early.

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