Pastoral Care at St Malachy's High School


Pastoral Care is the ethos of a Catholic school made visible. It permeates the whole life of the school, including the curriculum. Pastoral care integrates safeguarding of every student, as it is the entitlement of every student in school and is an integral part of the educational experience in St. Malachy’s High School.

The Pastoral Care Policy has the following aims:

  1. To promote the moral, spiritual, social, academic, emotional and physical welfare and development of each student.
  2. To create a safe, positive, respectful and well-ordered environment where effective learning and teaching can take place.
  3. To create a supportive system of communication in which students, staff and Parents/Guardians can work well together, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation.
  4. To create the structures and systems necessary to ensure the safety of security of all concerned.


Pastoral Structures

Each student belongs to a form class and each form class has an appointed Form Teacher whose responsibility is the pastoral care of each student in the Form Class.

Each Form Teacher is a member of the Year Group’s Pastoral Team, which is led by two Year Heads. The Pastoral structure incorporates the Senior Teacher for Student Welfare & Curriculum, the Heads of Junior, Middle & Senior School as well as the SENCO.

They are:

Mr. M. Vernon (Senior Teacher)

Mrs. J Baird (Head of Junior School – Years 8,9,10)

Mrs. G Maguire (Head of Middle School – Years 11, 12)

Mrs. M Hanna (Head of Senior School – Years 13 & 14)

The Heads of School work with the Year Heads in administering the Pastoral Care structure of the school. The Senior Teacher (Student Welfare & Curriculum) is the leader of the team and also is a member of the Senior Management Team.

If, at any time the Senior Teacher (Student Welfare & Curriculum) is not available to deal with a Pastoral care matter then one of the other members of the Senior Management Team, the Vice-Principal or the Principal will deal with the issue.

The Year Heads, Heads of School, SENCO and Senior Teacher (Student Welfare & Curriculum) liaise with external agencies such as the Educational Welfare Officer, the school psychologist, the school nurse, etc. about pastoral issues relating to students. The Year Head is a member of the Middle Management in the school, and liaises with the other Year Heads, Heads of School, and Senior Management about the Pastoral Care of students in St. Malachy’s High School.

Each Head of Department has a responsibility for the pastoral care of teachers in the department as well as responsibility for a particular subject within the curriculum.

All Support staff – office staff, technicians, classroom assistants, librarians, study supervisors, lunch time supervisors, etc. have a role to play in the pastoral care of student in the school.

It should be noted that all staff have been vetted by CCMS/SEELB using the ACCESS NI.


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