Your day begins at 9.30am with registration in your form room when the roll is taken, prayers are said, notes collected and notices read out. On one morning a week you will attend an assembly with your full year group. This is a good opportunity to meet other students and teachers involved in your year group.

Classes begin at 9.45 and each class lasts 40 minutes. After your first two classes you will have Break which begins at 11.05 and ends at 11.20am. Junior Lunch starts at 12.40 and there are two canteens serving a variety of hot and cold food. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Assembly Hall to eat your own packed lunch.

There are nine periods each day (including Lunch) and the day ends at 3.40. Then you can go home, or go to Homework Club or join an extra-curricular school-based activity. Sound complicated? Don’t worry – the day’s a breeze when you get used to it! J

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