St Malachy’s is a big school but it is also a telling school, so if you have a problem or you just don’t know what to do next – go and tell someone. Simple! That person may not have all the answers – but they will know someone who will.

Year 8 students are very lucky to have at least two Peer Mentors from Year 14 assigned to each form class. The Peer Mentors are there for you; if you need help finding a classroom, if you have problems understanding your timetable, if you’re not sure where to go at lunch time, just ask a peer mentor and they will help. You will soon get to know them and recognise them around the school, so use them. Every little helps!

Of course you can also speak to your Form Teacher who you will see every day, or your Year Heads who you will be introduced to at the start of the year. We also have a Head of School who looks after years 8, 9 and 10. Or just go and see a teacher – any teacher – that you feel comfortable with. We promise you, the teachers in St Malachy’s are kind, happy and helpful. Always remember - a problem shared is a problem halved.